Unikum End User Agreement

Unikum End User Agreement

You have been invited to use the Unikum.net internet service. Welcome!
You may have received the invitation from eg. your preschool, school, municipality, or you may have found Unikum by yourself.

The purpose of Unikum’s internet tools are to facilitate collaboration in schools. The tools also make it easier for schools to comply with school legislation, curricula, data protection regulation and other relevant legislation. To transfer between teachers, schools and municipalities. The Unikum.net service is run by Unikum – Net AB. Unikum’s Privacy Policy describes how personal data is handled in Unikum.

To use the Unikum service, there are three conditions:

  1. You need to securely handle your login credentials.
  2. You must follow the rules for using Unikum.
  3. You need to take part of Unikum’s Privacy Policy.

If you accept the conditions, you may start to use Unikum. If you do not agree to the conditions, you may not use Unikum.


Below the conditions are described in more detail. When we use the word ”school”, we mean all school forms, including pre-school, elementary school, compulsory school, adult education, etc. For users who are minors or under 14 years if age, their guardians or the school providing access to Unikum are responsible for assuring that the user is following the conditions.

1. Secure handling of login credentials

To use Unikum, you need to log in. In many cases, the login takes place via the school’s or the municipality’s login system. This is why the school or municipality usually is responsible for the authentication system and for issuing login credentials. Sometimes two-factor authentication methods are used, and in other cases username and password is good enough. The login credentials you receive are personal. You are responsible for keeping any passwords and codes secret and for updating when necessary.

If your child or student have their own login, the child or student also needs to be informed on how to handle login securely.

What do I do if I suspect someone else has found out or otherwise compromised your, your childrens’, your students ́ or your staff’s passwords or credentials? You’ll need to make sure that this is corrected immediately, and that e g passwords are changed. If you use passwords issued by Unikum, users can themselves change their password. You can also ask a teacher or administrator to help you.

2. Rules for using Unikum

Unikum’s service is based on cooperation, dialogue and respect between children, guardians, students, educators, teachers, school staff and others who contribute to the service. You may use

End User Agreement 1 (2) EUAv180703 -EN

Because we at Unikum and the one who invited you to Unikum are confident that you will use the tool for your own. Your children’s or your students’ learning and with respect for all users and for the laws and regulations of the country.

To use Unikum’s services, a user has to have a subscription for the service, either of their own, or through a subscription by a school or municipality for its staff, their students and their guardians. As a user, you must provide correct information about yourself.


In Unikum, Skolbanken is an open content library where the school staff can find and share content for the school without cost. The terms of this are defined in the Creative Commons License ”CC BY-SA 4.0”. You may, therefore, create, use and edit content in the Skolbank if you agree to that this content may be viewed, used and modified by other users without compensation. The name of the creator of content is displayed for other logged-in users of the service. Users who submit content to Unikum or Skolbanken are responsible for assuring that this does not violate the rights of others.

Users may not

(a) allow any third party without valid subscription to access the service.
(b) reverse engineer, decipher, decrypt, or otherwise seek to discover or obtain the source code or non-public APIs to Products, except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law despite this prohibition (and then only upon advance notice to Unikum);
(c) modify, adapt or create derivative works of the service.
(d) remove or obscure any proprietary or other notices of Unikum or any third party contained in the service.
End User will not attempt to do any of the above. Encourage others to do so, or otherwise attempt to bypass or circumvent any usage restrictions in this Agreement.

Unikum has the right to block users who Unikum finds are violating the rules, and to remove content that Unikum considers inappropriate.

If material errors occur in the service Unikum provides, we at Unikum promise to try to correct the error as quickly as circumstances warrant with regard to the type of error and circumstances in general. This is Unikum’s sole responsibility due to errors and delays in the service.

More information:
About schools’ use of IT systems to handle personal data.

Schools have the right to use IT and web tools with personal information about eg. students, children and their guardians to do their job. Most schools have done so since the 80’s. This applies regardless of whether a guardian or student has given his or her consent. Your consent to using Unikum is therefore only concerning your own use of Unikum. Whether you agree or not, the school may choose to use Unikum. Or other IT systems to handle information about children, their guardians, students, or staff.

We at Unikum – Net AB